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Hi! I'm Jared. I'm a composer from Seattle. I compose, record, produce, and engineer original music for media platforms.

I work closely with clients to ensure that they get the exact sound and product that they want.

I'm well versed in sonic branding and believe that a carefully crafted sonic identity is essential for any company or product.

I've had music featured on international television shows like the infamous Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, I've composed and arranged music for artists such as Macklemore, and I helped work on the music branding for the Golden State Warriors' new arena campaign which helped them win the 2018 NBA finals (okay maybe the music didn't help them win, but I like to pretend it did).

With eclectic taste and a knack for composing original music that matches a desired sound or genre, I specialize in delivering custom content of commercial quality.

Here's a picture of me taken with a fancy high-tech camera that shows what someone's thinking.

This is me thinking up a piece of music that's perfect for you

This is me thinking up a piece of music that's perfect for you


Work Samples

Demo Reel

  • 0:00 – client request: Colombian rock

  • 0:15 – podcast: Healthy Homecast theme

  • 0:39 – client request: Frank Ocean style

  • 1:00 – client request: pop/rock 

  • 1:17 – action soundtrack: Breaking Bad style

  • 1:39 – mood piece: heroic

  • 1:57 – mood piece: playful

  • 2:16 – video game: Break the Bank boss music

  • 2:31 – client request: back-porch country

  • 2:50 – client request: Miami dance party

  • 3:07 – client request: uplifting indie/folk

  • 3:24 – podcast: soundtrack piece

  • 3:37 – mood piece: love scene

  • 3:57 – mood piece: cyborg

  • 4:18 – video game: Break the Bank menu music

  • 4:35 – mood piece: confident

More Samples

Credits & Clients


Music and Sound Design for Interactive Media Award (IMA) winning educational video game, Break the Bank, in collaboration with Engine Interactive and Biz Kids (creators of Bill Nye the Science Guy).


I’ve had the opportunity to work with Jared on various professional composition projects over the last few years. I can unequivocally say his work and talents are absolutely top notch. He has an ability to create the precise mood or feeling needed for a project using musical wizardry that rival the best in the business.
— Nick Torretta, owner of Elastic Music


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